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A lightweight informal kimono, usually made of cotton.

[Japanese, short for yukatabira : yu, hot water (since it is worn before and after bathing) + katabira, cloth for a hanging screen, lightweight kimono (originally, one side of a lined kimono) (from kata, side, direction + hira, leaf, sheet).]


(Clothing & Fashion) a light, cotton Japanese kimono worn during the summer or after a bath
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In this one, the couple posed while wearing matching yukatas, with Pauleen showing off her baby bump and Vic doing a goofy karate stance, complete with tiger face.
At the Bon-Odori Evening, Pakistani guests were entertained with Wodaiko drumming which was performed by Ambassador Inomata while Bon dance was performed by the Japanese ladies who were dressed-up in traditional Japanese Yukatas.
The prince and the prime minister posed awkwardly for pictures wearing green yukatas -- light cotton dressing gowns -- before sitting down to a feast on low chairs, still wearing the robes.
Cotton yukatas, lucky waving cats and the intricate obi belts worn around the formal kimono are among the traditional treasures tempting visitors and locals alike.
Japanese Anime Linens: 1970s To Present showcases more than 325 photographs of vintage and contemporary Japanese textiles, including fabrics, handkerchiefs, yukatas, and appliques, that come alive with art celebrating characters from anime, Japanese animated film and television.
Many who joined the dancers also wore kimonos or the lighter yukatas.
Many of about 3,500 who attended the Obon Festival remembered loved ones who have died and were honored in Bon Odori dances, with performers dressed in colorful kimonos or yukatas.