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yuk 1

or yuck  (yŭk)Informal
1. An exuberant laugh.
2. One, such as a joke, that causes such a laugh.
tr. & intr.v. yukked, yuk·king, yuks or yucked or yuck·ing or yucks
To joke or laugh exuberantly: a student who yukked it up in class.


yuk 2

interj. Slang
Variant of yuck1.


or yuck


n., v. yukked yucked, yuk•king yuck•ing. Slang. n.
1. a loud, hearty laugh.
2. a joke or circumstance evoking such a laugh.
v.i., v.t.
3. to laugh or joke: yukking it up.



interj. Slang.


Yukon Territory.


[ˈjʌk] exclbeurk Yule log [ˈjuːllɒg] nbûche f de Noël


interj (inf)i, igitt, igittigitt


[jʌk] excl (fam) → puh!, puah!
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The beauty parlor prank kicked off a week-long tribute to blondes while promoting Reese Witherspoon's new comedy, ``Legally Blonde,'' which opens citywide Friday, and included Joan Rivers (sporting fresh platinum locks) as his guest co-host, yukking it up with blondes on the street.
At one point, the government produced two lowly denizens of the Miami Correctional Center who told a fanciful story of seeing Noriega yukking it up with the cartel barons at Jorge Ochoa's personal office in Medellin.
But Jackson wants his players to remember the way the 106-77 rout ended - with the Blazers yukking it up on the bench.