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yup 1

adv. Informal

[Alteration of yep.]

yup 2

n. Informal
A yuppie.

[Short for yuppie.]


sentence substitute
an informal word for yes



also yep

adv., n. Informal.
[form of yeah as an isolated or emphatic utterance, with p representing closing of the lips, creating, in effect, an unreleased labial stop]


[jʌp] ADV (US) →


adv (US inf: = yes) → ja, jawoll (inf)
References in classic literature ?
Hold it yup when you walk, but drop it in the house.
simply pick which of the Arsenal squad will have the best World Cup and, yup, win again
We are currently working on increasing the titer, yield and productivity of bio-gasoline," Professor Sang Yup Lee said.
What I found was The Yup standing on a long board supported by two eight-foot stepladders in the middle of his backyard.
Yup, our local politics show returned with special guest David Trimble.
Yup, the New Deal becomes an even bigger joke as far as the Association of British Bookmakers and BAGS is concerned.
Anyway, I was watching these guys driving around for about 30 minutes when I started to look at something else down there in the loading area: Yup.
Yup, the handsome Welsh actor has been cast as a man who is left to bring up his young son after his wife leaves him in the BBC adaptation of Tony Parsons' novel Man and Boy.
Pity, then, that the first ever bout at the Hoop and Grapes pub in London's Farringdon Street involved -- yup, you guessed it -- two very scantily dressed women doing their thang (or should that be thong?
When he had said what he wanted to say, he was likely to break off the conversation, recalls Gladstone: "He would say 'yup, yup, yup,' and then suddenly, 'okeydokey, bye-bye' and hang up.
Lot 1 - "Measurement Services for business customers domestic and non-domestic services designed for small and metrological laboratory", Lot 2 - services retail electricity meter reading (non-household residential customers and small scales energy meters) " Division into lots Yup
Yup, it's one of those snazzy dreamer volumes loaded with escapist interiors that are all about embracing the great outdoors, fusing it with comfort and giving it a huge dash of flair and elegance.