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or zof·tig  (zäf′tĭk, -tĭg)
Having a full, shapely figure. Used of a woman.

[Yiddish zaftik, juicy, from Middle High German saftec, from saft, juice, from Old High German saf.]


informal US (of a woman) plump and voluptuous


or zof•tig

(ˈzɑf tɪk, -tɪg)

adj. Slang.
(of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure.
[1935–40; < Yiddish zaftik literally, juicy]
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Adj.1.zaftig - (of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous ; "a generation ago...buxom actresses were popular"- Robt.A.Hamilton;
fat - having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"


or zoftig
Well-rounded and full in form:


[ˈzæftɪg] ADJ (US) [woman] → regordeta y mona
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Will it turn out to be a zaftig sizzler at the box office, or will
Synopsis: "Your Caius Aquilla" by John Andrew Fredrick is set in ancient Rome, and is composed of hilarious letters between a doting and brave but quite bumbling legionary and his beautiful, zaftig wife, Lora.
In 1971 the Boston Women's Health Collective published the first edition of Our Bodies Ourselves, the pioneering gyno-manual that treated the female orgasm, masturbation, lesbianism, and zaftig body types as natural variations rather than oddities, sins, or imperfections.
Sofia was zaftig and dark, with eyes the deep, otter-back brown described as black in the Russian Gypsy folk songs of her youth.
Looking at these triptychs, one might have thought for a moment of Aleksandr Rodchenko's iconoclastic Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color of 1921, except that where the Russian Constructivist's work was meant to boil down painting to its primary colors, what the artist called its "logical conclusion," Levine's wooden panels are invested in painting's history: The color of each is derived from the digital averaging of the hues in one of Renoir's many zaftig yet jaundiced nudes.
Even the obscenely zaftig Don Juan d'Austria, 2003--which has the same male protagonist as the two previous pictures--is laughable, that of course being the point, for rarely has masculinity cut a less romantic but more life-like profile.
But try as she might to glamorize herself, she could not conform to Hollywood standards of beauty; she was simply a bit too zaftig to prolong the fantasy of becoming a leading lady.
CREDITS: A Warner Bros, release and presentation, in association with Ratpac-Dune Entertainment of a Di Novi Pictures, Zaftig Films production, PRODUCED BY Denise Di Novi.
The novel works best when July is satirizing the entitled do-gooders in Cheryl's privileged circle, and she deftly captures Cheryl's ambivalence about millennials like Clee, who wears tight, low-slung sweatpants, 'an accumulation of straps on her shoulders' (a bra and tank tops) and feels OK about being zaftig.
Charlotte Seeman says that zaftig means "a little bit on the heavy side," to which the moderator, Marty Finkelstein, asks, "But in a good way?
Missing from this approach is much of the contingency, possibility, and power that has been present in every frustrated attempt to create a healthier, more zaftig version of identity politics.
It centres on the reunion of four friends, one of whom, the zaftig and humdrum Becky, is getting married.