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also zem·in·dar  (zăm′ən-där′, zĕm′-, zə-mēn-där′)
1. An official in precolonial India assigned to collect the land taxes of his district.
2. A landholder in British colonial India responsible for collecting and paying to the government the taxes on the land under his jurisdiction.

[Hindi zamīndār, from Persian : zamīn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots + -dār, -holder; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]


(zəmiːnˈdɑː) or


(Agriculture) (in India) the owner of an agricultural estate
[via Hindi from Persian: landholder, from zamīn land + -dār holder]


or ze•min•dar

(zə minˈdɑr)

1. (in British India) a landlord required to pay a land tax to the government.
2. (in Mogul India) a collector of farm revenue, who paid a fixed sum on the district assigned to him.
[1675–85; < Hindi < Persian zamīndār landholder =zamīn earth, land + -dār holding, holder]
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Flour mills also purchase wheat direct from some of the larger zamindars.
Lahore -- Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has condemned in strong words that economic murder of phutti growers and zamindars, who earn precious foreign exchange for Pakistan, was being committed due to which farmers in particular of South Punjab were very much worried.
It would be a great kindness on zamindars of the province, the ZAC leader maintained.
Wealthy zamindars (landowners) own large tracts of agricultural lands and orchards that are passed from one generation to the next.
He demanded of the QESCO to take immediate action to resolve the issue immediately so as to provide the zamindars necessary relief.
Mir Khalid Lango on the occasion informed the CEQ QESCO about the problems being faced by the people in general and the zamindars in particular due to the long-lasting electricity crisis in the province.
QUETTA -- A delegation of the zamindars belonging to Pishin district called on the Governor Balochistan, Muhammad Khan Achakzai here the other day.
The Chief Minister on the occasion assured that the problems facing the zamindars of Sibi would be resolved.
Particularly, the zamindars of the province are the most sufferers just because the agriculture is badly affected due to non-supply of electricity in the affected districts.
This is nothing but equal to economic massacre of the zamindars of the province, he charged adding that the government is not paying due attention to resolve the issue.
If it was done then the zamindars of the province would be forced to lodge strong protest, he warned.
The zamindars appealed to the transporters not to bring their transports on the highways.