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also za·ree·ba  (zə-rē′bə)
1. An enclosure of bushes or stakes protecting a campsite or village in northeast Africa.
2. A campsite or village protected by such an enclosure.

[Arabic zarība, cattle pen.]


(zəˈriːbə) or


(in northern E Africa, esp formerly) n
1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a stockade or enclosure of thorn bushes around a village or campsite
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) the area so protected or enclosed
[C19: from Arabic zarībah cattlepen, from zarb sheepfold]


or za•ree•ba

(zəˈri bə)

n., pl. -bas.
(in the Sudan and adjoining regions) a protective enclosure, as of thorn bushes.
[1840–50; < Arabic zarībah pen]
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We therefore blocked the entrance to our zareba by filling it up with several thorny bushes, and left our camp with the stores entirely surrounded by this protecting hedge.
The novelist blocks his reader's path with a zareba of stars.
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8: gradual delivery of a variety of foods, place of delivery Zareba and Luban,- Task No.
Senior: 1 Pawel Idziorek (Heckmondwike) 19, 2 Damien Zareba (Sheffield) 17, 3 Ben Scranage (Bury) 17.
ABOUT WOODSTREAM CORPORATION: Woodstream Corporation is a global manufacturer of animal control products including FiShock, Zareba and ElectroBraid brand of electronic containment systems that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed wire fencing.
Wojciech Zareba of the University of Rochester, and included patients from 22 major cardiac centers, including UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester.
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