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1. (Theatre) a type of Spanish vaudeville or operetta, usually satirical in nature
2. (Cookery) a seafood stew
[from Spanish, from La Zarzuela, name of the palace near Madrid where such vaudeville was first performed (1629)]


(zɑrˈzweɪ lə, -ˈzwi-; Sp. θɑrˈθwɛ lɑ, sɑrˈswɛ-)

n., pl. -las (-ləz; Sp. -läs).
a Spanish opera having spoken dialogue and often a satirically treated topical theme.
[1885–90; < Sp]
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Cleaning service dependencies CAPN in Zarzuela complex and other buildings of the Delegation of El Pardo.
Le Premier ministre, Abdelmalek Sellal, a ete recu, hier, a Madrid, par le roi d'Espagne, Felipe VI au palais de la Zarzuela, residence du roi.
A l'occasion de la tenue de cette Reunion de Haut niveau, le chef du gouvernement a ete recu en audience au Palais de La Zarzuela par le Roi Felipe VI.
A judge in Madrid has ordered an investigation after a complaint filed by Sociedad de Fomento de Cria Caballar de Espana (SFCCE), the regulatory body of racing in Spain, which claims Faina Zurita Ussia, president of La Zarzuela racecourse in Madrid, and four others attempted to sell rights without authorisation from the state lottery La Sociedad Estatal de Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.
Emulating the genre in which Torroba enjoyed most of his success, Clark and Krause arrange their text in the form of a zarzuela grande--that is, leaving aside parts and chapters, the biography unfolds in three "acts," each comprising three "scenes.
Owner Carolina Zarzuela describes her business as a spa and beauty school, a beauty supplier and now a U-Haul neighborhood dealership.
The Zarzuela Palace and a spokesman for Prince Charles declined to comment yesterday.
The Zarzuela Palace declined to comment on the article that appeared on El Mundo.
The colt was a superb second to Karakontie in the Lagardere on Arc Day and eased to victory on his seasonal debut at La Zarzuela in March.
Le souverain espagnol a recu le meme jour en audience au Palais de la Zarzuela a Madrid les presidents des Academies royales espagnoles.
Acis y Galatea," a 1708 Baroque Zarzuela by Antonio de L'teres, is based on the mythological tale of Acis, a noble shepherd and Galatea, a sea goddess.
It has also provided coverage of events at the Racecourse de la Zarzuela in Madrid as well as for the non-profit corporate organisation ONCE.