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1. (Theatre) a type of Spanish vaudeville or operetta, usually satirical in nature
2. (Cookery) a seafood stew
[from Spanish, from La Zarzuela, name of the palace near Madrid where such vaudeville was first performed (1629)]


(zɑrˈzweɪ lə, -ˈzwi-; Sp. θɑrˈθwɛ lɑ, sɑrˈswɛ-)

n., pl. -las (-ləz; Sp. -läs).
a Spanish opera having spoken dialogue and often a satirically treated topical theme.
[1885–90; < Sp]
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Moreover, he is known today for a limited corpus of guitar works and zarzuelas (a form of Spanish popular musical theater)--genres that have not elicited much serious scholarly investigation.
Siudy and her company have participated in various Operas, Zarzuelas and Philharmonic Symphonies.
The programme consisted of a selection of arias and duets from operas, operettas, musicals, zarzuelas and popular songs.
Highlights of the manuscript archive include Spanish polyphonic songbooks from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, operas and Spanish zarzuelas, and an important collection of "tonadillas" from Goya's time.
Domingo has selected for the concert a number of songs from Spain's most famous Zarzuelas, a very popular Spanish light opera style which has its roots in the 19th century.
La Revoltosa, by Ruperto ChapA- (1851-1909) is one of the most popular zarzuelas, and it is considered to be one of the summits of this music genre.
Music abounds in Latin America and Spain, but theater, operas, concerts, musical reviews, and zarzuelas predominate, and there is little musical theater as it is known on Broadway and in the West End.
Susan Thomas' book is a study of about a dozen of these Cuban zarzuelas, some still performed, others largely forgotten or even lost.
This CD has preludes from his operas and zarzuelas and scenes from Andalusia - a 26-minute nostalgia piece, if the euro stops you getting to Spain this year.
24) This statement is based on an examination of manuscripts of zarzuelas and a loa preserved at Evora Public Library.
Senior Stallion 30" - 32": Abrias Signature Buckeroo -- Two Year Old Stallions > 29" - 31": McSperitts Rowdy Special Image -- Weanling Stallion 26" - 30": Zarzuelas Modigliano, shown by Kriss Calao Viadera Training -- Solid Color Stallion or Gelding: McSperitts Rowdy Special Image -- Yearling Mares 28" and under: Zarzuelas La Brisa -- Weanling Mares 26" and under: Alliance Zodiacs Curtain Call -- Two Year Old Mare > 31"- 33" Futurity: Zarzuelas Sweet Surrender -- Yearling Stallion > 28" to 30" Futurity: Scott Creek Monarch Indio -- Two Year Old Gelding Futurity: Abrias Signature Emphasis -- Youth 7 and under Junior Gelding: Abrias Signature Emphasis -- Youth 8 - 13 Junior Gelding: Abrias Signature Emphasis -- Youth 13 - 18 Junior Gelding: Abrias Signature Emphasis
Entre sus obras se observan segun definicion de la autora, dramas sociales, leyendas dramaticas, zarzuelas, piezas cortas dramaticas, monologos, comedias y un sainete.