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The primary form of meditation in Zen Buddhism, practiced while sitting cross-legged.

[Japanese : za, to sit down (from Early Middle Chinese dzwa'; also the source of Mandarin zuò) + zen, silent meditation; see Zen.]


(Buddhism) (in Zen Buddhism) deep meditation undertaken whilst sitting upright with legs crossed
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The retail component will soon be occupied by Korean lifestyle and fashion brand Zazen Bear.
An umpan --literally cloud plate--is a flat gong struck to signal the beginning or end of a period of zazen (the seated meditation at the heart of Zen Buddhist practice), or to announce mealtimes.
Zazen has a triple purpose: the search to concentrate energy; the experience of the supreme truth as united with the universe that is expressed in warm enthusiasm and the resulting freedom and joy, very often with miraculous events; and the experience of the highest way in all our existence and in our daily life, especially in showing sympathy and love for all living things.
In the 80s, you started sitting Zazen with people who had HIV/AIDS in New York City.
Meanwhile, Jujube, a red date from Southeast Asia, is used for its relaxant properties in sleep remedies such as Zazen sleep formula and could possibly be used in nighttime skin care products to promote restful sleep.
Three members of Buto-|kokan Judo (left) based at Newbiggin Sports Centre and Ashington YMCA travelled to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to the Bushido Zazen junior competition - Adam Douglass was fourth in the boys' under-60kgs, Alex Brown first in the girls' under-32kgs and Molly Common first in the girls' open event.
has created various heat shrinkable sleeves for Zazen dietary sup plements using printed PVC heat shrinkable film.
For Dogen, the heart of Zen is zazen; zazen is nondual with enlightenment; ultimately, morality proceeds from zazen,/enlightenment.
In fact, I realize, Joseph's Coat is a kind of temple devoted to the zazen of seeing, and as I surrender to it, I start to understand how urgently the space wants you to look up.
It was not yet evening, yet the place had a buzz, with the area's atmospheric restaurants -- from the H Bistro and Happy Elephant to Zazen -- slowly coming back to life after a lazy late afternoon.