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Excessive zeal; fanaticism.


extreme or excessive zeal or devotion


(ˈzɛl ə tri)

excessive zeal; fanaticism.

zealotism, zealotry

a tendency to undue or excessive zeal; fanaticism.
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Noun1.zealotry - excessive intolerance of opposing views
intolerance - unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs


[ˈzelətrɪ] Nfanatismo m


nFanatismus m, → blinder Eifer
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The mass shooting in San Bernardino may give rise to more fear, but murderous gun rampages, an everyday occurrence in the United States, have been set off by workplace resentments, anti-abortion and anti-government zealotry, paranoia, suicidal megalomania, various other forms of sociopathy, and by no evident reasons at all.
For one, Russia is apparently concerned about Turkey's future bearing, given the heavy emphasis on ideological zealotry and hardline political Islamist narrative in populist policies pursued by the current leadership.
The Islamists' beheading of prisoners and rape of kidnapped young women is terrible testimony to the evil of their psychopathic jihadist gang that shows no mercy to anybody who doesn't share their perverted zealotry.
Of course, scientific theories are often disproved by new evidence, but the problem with the climate-change true believers is that they often exhibit the marks of religious converts, including zealotry, impatience with opponents and an insistence on immediate, wide-ranging, and uncompromising changes in public policy to enforce compliance with their dictates.
In a statement to KUNA following a meeting of GCC ministers of youth and sports here, Kuwait's Minister of Information and State Minister of Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah emphasized the need for the GCC states to fashion influential programs for the youth of the Gulf region aimed at instilling in them exemplary and meritorious values and steering them far away from extremism, intolerance, and zealotry.
Synopsis: "Prisoner of Belief: One Man's Odyssey to Reclaim His Soul--From Evangelical Minister to Searching Psychologist" is the personal story of John Van Dixhorn, a man who fights for his soul against the crushing power of religious orthodoxy and evangelical zealotry to become a modern man in the modern world.
Perhaps they found serious logistical problems in separating one from the other, which would make some sense, otherwise they seem to have slipped over the line of common sense into zealotry.
Saudi Arabia was "determined to stay the course in fighting terrorism, extremism and zealotry.
The Sahwa militia, also known as the Awakening Council or the Sons of Iraq, consists of armed groups, including some powerful anti-US Sunni insurgent groups, who turned their rifles against the Al-Qaeda network after Sahwa's leaders became dismayed by Al- Qaeda's brutality and religious zealotry in the country.
There is only a peripheral minority in Pakistan who tend to sympathise with TTP's zealotry and extremism.
It is populated by some eccentrics and mavericks and is at times very funny, ridiculing religious zealotry, but the underlying message is serious as Davies charts the first real stirrings, or awakenings, of feminism.
The pro-Likud Commentary magazine arrogantly stated that "Anti-Israel Zealotry Threatens Europe", as if Israel was as important as Europe, or even more, while the truth is that the anti-Israel zealotry is merely secluding this country from the rest of the world.