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 (zĕ-kē′nō) also zec·chin or zech·in (zĕk′ĭn)
n. pl. zec·chi·ni (-nē) or zec·chi·nos also zec·chins or zech·ins
See sequin.

[Italian; see sequin.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
(Historical Terms) another word for sequin2
[C18: from Italian; see sequin]
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He is assisting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on their Manhattan expansion, with three stores in New York to date, and recently represented Filicori Zecchini in a long-term lease at 2541 Broadway on the Upper West Side.
Contact: Jessica Zecchini Formula 619-234-0345 zecchini@formulapr.
Zecchini has joined its Board of Directors, increasing the total number of members to four.
Gaetano Pugnani, il 18 febbraio 1784 "per la composizione dell'opera Adone e Venere e per aver suonato il violino in tutte le rappresentazioni", riceve 1040 ducati equivalenti a 400 zecchini gigliati.
both by Mehrotra and both reprinted from previous works), a chronology of Kolatkar's life, anda set of explanatory notes by Mehrotra and the French scholar Laetitia Zecchini.
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The IAT has been used successfully to assess implicit bias for racial attitudes (McConnell & Leibold, 2001), gender attitudes (Aidman & Carroll, 2003), self-esteem (Greenwald & Farnham, 2000), self-concept (Asendorpf, Banse, & Muecke, 2002), religious beliefs (Rowatt, Franklin, & Cotton, 2005), ethnicity (Rudman, Greenwald, & Mellott, 1999), age (Castelli, Zecchini, & Deamicis, 2005), nationality (Greenwald, et al.
Special Issues-Volume II edited by Paul Marer, Salvatore Zecchini (1991) The Transition to a Market Economy OCDE, Paris
We contacted director Pierre Zecchini at his home in Hem, France.