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The new series of the show, produced by Zeitgeist Television for Channel 4, is expected to be aired towards the end of this year.
HOWARD JOHNSON and Graham Wylie unveil yet another high-class Flat recruit today when last year's Old Newton Cup winner Zeitgeist makes his hurdles de-but, writes Lee Mottershead.
In the Copenhagen context, the idea of an art museum in a sylvan setting has obvious parallels with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, just up the coast, but where Louisiana is a discreet, almost Japanese presence in the landscape, Hadid's concrete and glass sinew is a powerful topographic gesture that thrusts through groves of trees, lustily in thrall to its own zeitgeist.
It's obviously in the zeitgeist, and you're shining a light back on society.
Luca Cumani's Lost Soldier Three and Zeitgeist are made the 10-1 joint favourites by totesport for Europe's richest Handicap at York on August 17.
The mushrooming of clowns in contemporary art points in the direction of a zany zeitgeist that substitutes silliness for substance but incorporates a healthy dose of irony.
But as a writer, she balances her eye for the zeitgeist with a gift for outrageous physical humor (pregnant Saffy's waterbreaking is a deluge of Old Testament proportions) and shocking one-liners (Saffy's midwife tells her, "I was so long in labor they bad to shave me twice").
In other words, the people whose Zeitgeist Edwards et al.
Interest in the strip lagged until Enron tanked and CEO bashing emerged as the national zeitgeist.
The worship of this Zeitgeist (the spirit of the times) is trying to replace the worship of God--has been trying to do so for thirty years in Canada.
Zeitgeist prescribed Prozac and a two-week vacation and gave Arnie a copy of the new book, "Cyberspeak for Dummies.
It is not clear to me why this faculty of response is vigorously denied to readers, since it must be possessed by someone (directors and actors, for example) in order for the text to achieve performance at all, but the concept of script is perhaps useful in celebrating the endurance of the plays in the modern theater and the media - not as historical artifacts to be meticulously reconstructed, but as vehicles uniquely responsive to the zeitgeist of our, as of every, age.