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also za·na·na  (zə-nä′nə)
The part of a house reserved for the women of the household in South Asia.

[Hindi zenāna, from Persian, from zan, woman; see gwen- in Indo-European roots.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) (in the East, esp in Muslim and Hindu homes) part of a house reserved for the women and girls of a household
[C18: from Hindi zanāna, from Persian, from zan woman]


(zɛˈnɑ nə)

n., pl. -nas. (in India)
1. the part of the house in which the women and girls of a family are secluded.
2. its occupants collectively.
[1755–65; < Hindi < Persian zanāna, female, of women, adj. derivative of zan woman, c. Skt jani; see quean]


[zeˈnɑːnə] Nharén m indio
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The free and complete opening of the professions, the final abolition of the zenana I call it, and the franchise to all women who pay Queen's taxes above a certain sum.
Mounted on that beast, she has been into action with tigers in the jungle, she has been received by native princes, who have welcomed her and Glorvina into the recesses of their zenanas and offered her shawls and jewels which it went to her heart to refuse.
Tenders are invited for MGPS work in new NICU at Zenana Hospital , Jaipur.
The festivities began with the haldi ceremony at the Zenana Mahal of City Palace, property of the Udaipur's ex- royals.
Seton provides historical case studies from a variety of denominational backgrounds, interdenominational groups such as the China Inland Mission, and the Zenana Bible and Medical Mission.
The centre portion is the main building and the kitchen, Gol Bangla, Zenana Mehal, and harem quarters stretch to the south.
Selected writing by feminist Bengali writer, educationalist, and social activist Rokeya is presented in sections on translated works from the two volumes of A String of Sweet Pearls and The Zenana Women, uncollected essays and short stories and humor, and letters and other works in English.
During a stay with two female missionaries, both of whom supported her sister's zenana work, Saguna has a tempestuous relationship with Miss Roberts, a rather temperamental personality it seems, explained by her colleague in terms of her being Irish.
Diana Ross, who has been reportedly been paid 500,000 pounds to sing at the party, will perform in the Zenana Courtyard.
1620, the chbatri at Mairh (near Bairat), the chbatri at Bhaopura, the Zenana Mahal in Amber Palace, and the so-called Makhdum Shah cenotaph, also at Amber.
There is a piece in here which is called Zenana which is often mistaken for a Spanish-inspired art.
The Baptist Zenana Society in Britain was similarly folded into larger denominational structures.