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Rapid application development (RAD) is now possible with Zend Framework 1.
Cloud programming support for Amazon's infrastructure is now also a part of Zend Framework, with both S3 (simple storage service) and EC2 (elastic compute cloud) components to help users quickly build web applications to both store and serve data, and to manage application instances in the Amazon cloud.
With true customizable RAD programming for PHP as well as support for cloud-based development, Zend Framework is the premier choice for businesses ranging from small to very large who are wanting to develop and deploy web applications in the quickest way possible," said Zeev Suraski, co-founder and chief technology officer at Zend Technologies.
Customers Benefit from Higher Productivity, Cost Savings, and an Integrated Suite of Zend PHP Solutions, from Development and Testing to Deployment and Maintenance
The new Zend Server is a complete Web application solution that includes PHP, native install, an enhanced code accelerator, and advanced monitoring and problem diagnostics for applications designed for deployment on a single server.
With our new Zend Server, it's never been easier for customers to build and deploy on PHP even in the most demanding production environments," said Eldad Maniv, vice president of marketing & products for Zend Technologies.