zener diode

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ze·ner diode

or Ze·ner diode  (zē′nər)
A silicon semiconductor device used as a voltage regulator because of its ability to maintain an almost constant voltage with a wide range of currents.

[After Clarence Melvin Zener (1905-1993), American physicist.]

Zener diode

(Electrical Engineering) a semiconductor diode that exhibits a sharp increase in reverse current at a well-defined reverse voltage: used as a voltage regulator
[C20: named after C. M. Zener (1905–93), US physicist]


(or Ze′ner) di`ode

(ˈzi nər)
a semiconductor diode across which the reverse voltage remains almost constant over a wide range of currents, used esp. to regulate voltage.
[1955–60; after U.S. physicist Clarence Melvin Zener (born 1905)]
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This discovery enables a very simple and cheap nanotechnology zener diode quantum gravitational wave detection technology, which will permit the study of various associated phenomena, such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, earthquakes, eclipse effects, moon location effects, non-Poisson fluctuations in radioactivity [4], and other rate processes, and variations in radioactive decay rates related to distance of the earth from the Sun, as the 3-space fluctuations are enhanced by proximity to the sun.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-21 Semiconductor Family: Discretes & Integrated Circuits II-21 Diodes II-21 Diode Arrays II-21 Product Segments II-22 Small Signal Diode II-22 Transient Protection Diode II-22 Electrical Transients II-22 Zener Diode II-23 Applications of Zener Diodes II-23 Zener Diode Vs Pin Varistor in Transient Suppressor II-24 Clamping Voltage II-24 Speed II-24 Discrete Zener Diodes II-24 Radio Frequency (RF) & Microwave Diode II-24 3.
With the introduction of the CM1218 and CM1219, designers can, for the first time, take advantage of the simplified layout and smaller footprint of a Zener diode solution when designing ESD protection for high speed serial data interfaces.
Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, today announced it has received MIL-PRF-19500/356 qualification from Defense Supply Center Columbus, (DSCC) of its brand new 5W Zener diode voltage regulator platform.
Table 3: World Zener Diode Market (2003-2005E): Percentage Shares of Major Players by Revenues for ROHM Co.
Digi-Key Corporation announced today that it has expanded its line of Tyco Electronics Raychem Circuit Protection products to include the PolyZen family of polymer-protected Zener diodes.
Back-to-back zener diode configuration for bi-directional ESD protection -- Safely dissipates ESD strikes of at least 6 kV, Human Body Model (HBM) -- 100 volt breakdown voltage (typical) -- Top pad composition: Gold -- Compact flip chip package Pricing and Availability
Tenders are invited for Auxilary Diode And Zener Diode Assembly Suitable For Hmtd Make 25 Kw Rru To Hmtd Part No.
2k~10k Ohm Resistor, Schottky Diode, Zener Diode, low voltage & high voltage Diode, OTP (One Time Programmable memory) EEPROM, SRAM, and native CMOS.
Features * Drain-source withstand voltage (VDSS=100V) suitable for primary switching devices for 48V input bus converters * Realized (low) excellent trade-off between ON-resistance and Qg by adopting ultra high-speed U-MOSIII design * Low drain-source ON-resistance * Low Gate-switch charge * Guaranteed avalanche resistivity characteristics * ZENER DIODE Protection is built-in between Gate and Source * SOP Advance Package contributes to miniaturization of equipment Technical Specifications Part Number TPCA8022-H Circuit configuration N-channel Single Process Technology Ultra High Speed U-MOSIII Drain Source Voltage (VDSS) 100V (max.