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(ˈzi nə θəl; esp. Brit. ˈzɛn ə-)

1. of or pertaining to the zenith; situated at or near the zenith.
2. (of a map) drawn to indicate the actual direction of any point from the center point.
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Adj.1.zenithal - relating to or located at or near the zenith
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Its transcendental aspirations--still unconsciously based on the geocentric view of things, a zenithal paradise, a nadiral hell--were as foreign to his own as if they had been the dreams of people on another planet.
Divided into four levels, the ATF enhances technical support for the new antenna field and helps improve engineers' working conditions, while a central stairwell with zenithal lighting via multiple domes provides access to the different levels and various functional areas.
Geminids: This shower is generally the highlight of the meteor year, with high zenithal hourly rates.
Tenders are invited forSteel structure for mounting the new mediateque and for lighting ZENITHAL Atrium