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a.1.Of or pertaining to a zeolite; consisting of, or resembling, a zeolite.
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He has been examining how these inputs could be removed through mechanochemistry, which would transform the solution-based process of building zeolitic frameworks into one that relies primarily on solid-state interaction of components during mixing.
The overall objective of dustbinMOF project is to develop microporous Hybrid Zeolitic Azolate Frameworks and mesoporous azolate based MOFs (i.
In the early 1980s he transformed the study, characterization and discovery of new zeolitic solid.
Through these aforementioned property adjustments, a number of synthetic zeolitic materials with different frameworks have been reported.
The topics include novel approaches to statistical learning in materials science, data dimensionality reduction in materials science, towards the rational design of sensing materials from combinatorial experiments, high-performance computing for accelerated zeolitic materials modeling, and using multivariate analysis to answer questions concerning the conservation of artworks and cultural heritage materials.
And demand for zeolitic catalysts used in the system is also expected to expand rapidly.
The X-ray diffraction pattern of the zeolitic rock was recorded employing a PAN analytic X'Pert PRO equipment with Cu anodes and a graphite monochro-mator.
Catalytic Degradation of High-Density Polyethylene on Different Zeolitic Structures.
Among their topics are removing endocrine disrupting contaminants from water using macroporous molecularly imprinted selective media, copper ion exchange studies of local (in Turkey) zeolitic tuffs, the impact of calcium on struvite precipitation from anaerobically digested dairy wastewater, the design of microsieves and microsieve processes for suspension fractionation, modifying the surface of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes with hydrophilic dendritic polymers, and Ti02 nanowire free-standing membrane for concurrent filtration and photocatalytic oxidation water treatment.
The zeolitic material used was a Clinoptilolite-rich tuff that was obtained from the Palaeogene zeoliterich tuffs of the Evros area, North-Eastern Greece.
The error in the variance contributes to the error in estimating the magnitude of the mass transfer resistance compared to other more favourable adsorbents such as zeolitic molecular sieves.