(of atmospheric conditions) having or characterized by zero visibility in both horizontal and vertical directions.
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This is a one-off cup game, and everyone starts at zero-zero and we have to be ready for a hard game as they'll be ready for the same.
For example, under Part 91, if you want to make a zero-zero take off, you may do so.
Like the author, I have heard over the years many of the same comments about zero-zero departures.
He said: "We will not tolerate a zero-zero economy, where hundreds of thousands are kept on zero hour contracts while a tiny privileged minority pay zero tax.
Miliband added: "We will not tolerate a zero-zero economy where hundreds of thousands are kept on zero-hour contracts while a tiny privileged minority pay zero tax.
This zero-zero economy shows we live in a deeply unequal, deeply unfair, deeply unjust country run for a few at the top, not for most people.
Local companies on the zero-zero list included Oxford-based IPG Photonics; L.
The comment letter states: "While MBA supports an exemption from the provision of Dodd-Frank that can be read to restrict the payment of a transaction-specific commission to a loan originator by a creditor or a brokerage if the creditor or brokerage also receives points and fees from the borrower, it opposes the zero-zero exemption proposed.
Recently, the aircraft's laser missiles in a successful test-fire hit the target with zero-zero error," Alavi added.
While waiting overhead, large thunderclouds continued to develop, and I found it more and more difficult to keep from flying into zero-zero conditions.
Looking at the game, it certainly wasn't a zero-zero.
During his 12-year career, Ludo has played at Belgrade's Bassment and Underground, Portugal's Estaao De Luz and Lux, Brazil's D-Edge and Zero-Zero Club and Italy's Mafia Club and Saponeria.