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 (zîr′ōth, zē′rōth)
Of or relating to the ordinal number matching the number 0 in a series: the zeroth power of 10.


denoting a term in a series that precedes the term otherwise regarded as the first term
[C20: from zero + -th2]


(ˈzɪər oʊθ)
coming in a series before the first: the zeroth level of energy.
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Adj.1.zeroth - preceding even the first
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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The Snapdragon 618 IP camera platform combines a powerful six-core, 64-bit CPU, next generation GPU, embedded DSP together with advanced video analytics to move beyond the smart camera to a conscious camera, that not only streams 4K HEVC, but can perform on-camera video analytics such as object detection, facial detection and recognition, multi object tracking, and QualcommA Zeroth object classification.
The modem will also tap into unlicensed LTE spectrum (LTE-U), and the Zeroth modem will be able to switch back and forth between Wi-Fi and LTE for voice as well as video calling.
These "species" equations are summed up appropriately to give the equations for the several zeroth, first, and second moments of the macro-radicals and dead macromolecular species, defined by
0] (x) is the Bessel function of the first kind and zeroth order, and [Y.
By differentiating the zeroth order deformation equations (4) m times with respect to the embedding parameter q and then setting q = 0 and finally dividing by m\, we get the following m-th order deformation equations:
User manual and supporting information for library of codes for centroidal Voronoi point placement and associated zeroth, first, and second moment determination.
One wonders if for "Zeroth Law" (page 49), Somali American poet Samiya Bashir is alluding to the zeroth law of thermodynamics or Asimov's zeroth law of robotics.
Finally, a zeroth order approximation of the diffusion rates necessary to sustain corrosion suggests that the reaction should not be diffusion controlled even in solid wood.
Firstly, the linearized zeroth order form of the Butler-Volmer equation (Tafel kinetics) is analyzed followed by general first order kinetics and then the classic Butler-Volmer type of kinetics.
the Zeroth Law" (353) that Daneel and Giskard develop incrementally throughout the novel and that finally compels Giskard to irradiate Earth--much as V.
Let us prove that X(k) and Y(k) occur only on positions with number divisible by 5^k (if the sequence begins with the zeroth symbol).
One AC coefficient in a block is randomly chosen and there are totally 16 coefficients in a macro block as the initialization of the zeroth iteration for a particle in the PSO.