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a. Flavor or piquancy: a spice that lends zest to the sauce.
b. Interest or excitement: "A spiral staircase always adds zest to a setting" (P. J. O'Rourke).
c. The outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit, used as flavoring: added a pinch of grated zest.
2. Spirited enjoyment; gusto: "At 53 he retains all the heady zest of adolescence" (Kenneth Tynan).
tr.v. zest·ed, zest·ing, zests
To remove small pieces from (a rind from a citrus fruit) for use as a flavoring in cooking: zested the lemon.

[Obsolete French zest, orange or lemon peel (now spelled zeste), bitter woody membrane dividing the kernel inside a walnut shell, citrus zest, from Middle French, alteration (perhaps influenced by zeste, onomatopoetic word used to imitate the sound of a hit or blow) of earlier zec, something of little value or importance, probably of imitative origin (expressing the idea of smallness).]

zest′ful adj.
zest′ful·ly adv.
zest′ful·ness n.
zest′y adj.
Synonyms: zest, gusto, relish
These nouns denote keen, hearty pleasure or appreciation: ate the delicious meal with zest; told the amusing story with gusto; has no relish for repetitive work.
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Adv.1.zestfully - with zest; "she scrubbed the floors of the new apartment zestfully"


[ˈzestfəlɪ] ADVcon entusiasmo
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Sent off a largely unconsidered 10-1 shot for a novice handicap chase at Leicester, Midnight Chorister travelled zestfully for a good portion of the two-mile journey before he was overtaken late on.
Sent o a largely unconsidered 10-1 shot for a novice handicap chase at Leicester, Midnight Chorister travelled zestfully for a good portion of the two-mile journey before he was overtaken late on.
Among other highlights is O'Connor and Leonard's zestfully imparted "Marriage Tango,'' a funny look at the frustrating attempt of parents to find "alone time'' without interruption.
The diminutive star breathes fire into every frame, zestfully going through the rigmarole of chasing/ arresting/ pummelling goons of various sizes, and matching their machismo with her cuss quotient.
So what is it that the deeply harried and distressed citizen should watch the dramas that the loud-mouthed protagonists of mobocracy and their equally foul-mouthed official detractors are enacting so zestfully nowadays?
Grubinger is also a big-band fanatic, and is obviously at home with colleagues in that field, with whom he, his father and Schmidinger performed zestfully in Latin-American offerings, ending with another Libertango, far from the plaintiveness Piazzolla envisaged, but equally telling.
But with that said, liberals, secularists, Christians and all other Brotherhood loathers should not cheer the army too zestfully while cracking down on the Brotherhood.
Hence, he argued, "the harmony with nature which we late-comers regard with such nostalgia," and which produces so-called "'naivete' in art," is really "the ripest fruit of Apollonian culture--which must always triumph first over titans, kill monsters, and overcome the somber contemplation of actuality, the intense susceptibility to suffering, by means of illusions strenuously and zestfully entertained" (p.
Fortunately, Hitchens the staunch republican has so frequently and zestfully insulted the British monarchy that he is in no danger of becoming Sir Christopher.
When he joined the Abbey as a 22- year-old in 1947, the theatre was still based in its original building, actors who had known Yeats and Lady Gregory were still in the company, and the stage carpenter and set builder Seaghan Barlow was still on the scene with anecdotes of the early days that Tomas absorbed and zestfully shared over the years.
The possibility of a first French victor since Bernard Hinault in 1985 is no longer pie in the sky after Thomas Voeckler, having been traded for decent money at 1,000 on Betfair, zestfully retained his lead.
But my sympathies were frequently interrupted by nearly a dozen bratty voices, belonging to bodies of varying ages, zestfully having long-distance conversations across the plane.