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or zib·el·line  (zĭb′ə-lēn′, -līn′)
1. A thick lustrous soft fabric of wool or other animal hair, such as mohair, having a silky nap.
2. The sable or its fur.

[French, sable, from Middle French, from Italian zibellino, from Old Italian, ultimately of Slavic origin; akin to Russian sobol', from Old Russian sobolĭ; see sable.]


(ˈzɪbəˌlaɪn; -lɪn)
1. (Textiles) a sable or the fur of this animal
2. (Animals) a sable or the fur of this animal
3. (Textiles) a thick cloth made of wool or other animal hair, having a long nap and a dull sheen
4. (Textiles) of, relating to, or resembling a sable
5. (Animals) of, relating to, or resembling a sable
[C16: from French, from Old Italian zibellino, ultimately of Slavonic origin; compare sable]


or zib•el•line

(ˈzɪb əˌlaɪn, -ˌlin, -lɪn)

1. of or pertaining to the sable.
2. the fur of the sable.
3. a thick woolen cloth with a flattened hairy nap.
[1575–85; < Middle French < Italian zibellino]
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2 Sentinel 3 Zibeline 4 Red Wine 12 l,1l, 2l June 28, 2003
He is banking on Zibeline, who has finished third in the race for the past two years when trained by Rod Millman.
Blue Square: 4 Anak Pekan, 5 Barolo, 7 Dorothy's Friend, Escayola, 10 Jagger, Promoter, 14 Big Moment, Ten Carat, Zibeline, 16 Collier Hill, Misternando, Shredded, 20 bar.
He reverts to the Flat today for the totesport Chester Cup on the back of a solid effort against Zibeline in the Martell Handicap Hurdle at Aintree.
Of the 22 five-day entries, Savannah Bay and Zibeline were taken out, while the bottom two in the handicap, High Point and Sailor A'hoy, failed to make the cut.
Light fabrics such as zibeline, lace, chiffon and tulle conveyed a spirit of both freedom and glamor.
More than 35 metres of Italian deluxe silk zibeline went into the one-off gown designed by the bride which took award bride, which took award winning Irish bridal designer Kathy De Stafford and her team eight months to create.
Cadeaux Genereux, Eau Good's sire, who is still hard at it in Whitsbury, may not be the best-known jump-race stallion, but in Zibeline and Premier Generation he has got winners at Aintree and Cheltenham; so at least technically the world is his oyster.
Zibeline was third in both 2002 and 2003 for Millman, who is hopeful of adding to his record with Mustajed, who was a three-length winner at Salisbury over 1m4f on his last outing.
Carte Diamond has been working well and trainer Brian Ellison said: 'He worked on the fibresand at Southwell last week with my good handicapper Zibeline, gave him 10lb and was never off the bridle.
Brancepeth handler Richard Guest has the one entry in Spectrometer with other notable entries being Promoter from Jeremy Noseda's yard, Andrew Balding's Distant Prospect and last year's third Zibeline.