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n.1.A district or local division, as of a province.
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This was Zillah, the stout housewife; who at length issued forth to inquire into the nature of the uproar.
He told Zillah to give me a glass of brandy, and then passed on to the inner room; while she condoled with me on my sorry predicament, and having obeyed his orders, whereby I was somewhat revived, ushered me to bed.
A cookery class, right, at Archibald Secondary Modern School in 1950 includes Margaret Wood, Tonia Claypole, Margaret Neesham, Zillah Wilson, Annette Hanratty, Sylvia Hatfield and Denise Macdonald.
Zillah Lomas from Mount Nod said: "The kids have loved it.
Patil, born on August 16, 1957, in the village of Anjani, Sangli district, started his political career by contesting the Sangli Zillah Parishad (district level) election in 1979 from Savlaj constituency.
The performance of the site and the overall engagement levels have surpassed our own expectations, with the renewed emphasis on Hardware being a highlight," said Zillah Byng-Maddick, CEO Future PLC.
AROUND 12 years ago my wife Zillah and I came back to Liverpool after living in London for quite a while.
Zillah Tooley said: "We need more people like this brave, selfless man.
New writer Steven Hitchins will travel the highways and byways of Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, keeping his ear to the ground for poetic inspiration while filmmaker Zillah Bowes will concentrate on developing her first poetry collection.
It centers upon young adult Danit, daughter of Lot and Zillah, and it happens on a typical day for a student expected to attain a university law degree.
Her worK can currently be seen in the Leeds Fine Artists exhibition at the Dean Clough Gallery Halifax; also in Zillah Bell Gallery, ThirsK, and in the Christmas Exhibition at 'Art in the Mill' in Knaresborough, which opens on November 10.
Beloved husband of Zillah and much loved father of Duncan, Colin and Gail.