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n. Informal
1. A witty, often caustic remark.
2. A sudden shock, revelation, or turn of events.


a witty remarksomething that is lively, interesting, amusing, or impressive


(ˈzɪŋ ər)

1. a quick, witty, or pointed remark or retort.
2. something that surprises or shocks, as a piece of news.
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Noun1.zinger - a striking or amusing or caustic remark; "he always greeted me with a new zinger"; "she tried to think of some killer of an argument, a real zinger that would disarm all opposition"
comment, remark, input - a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information; "from time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account"


n to be a real zinger (inf)wie eine Bombe einschlagen
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24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Experts in the fields of Employee Recognition and Engagement, Peter Hart and David Zinger, have teamed up to publish a new book that will help business leaders overcome two of the greatest challenges facing companies today -- disengagement of personnel and a workforce crisis that is spreading across the globe, and getting worse.
Zinger member and PR for the group, Karen Roe said: "This is the first time we have done a pop proms and we're really looking forward to it.
This came with two juicy Zinger Fillets, two slices of melted cheese, lettuce, spicy supercharged sauce and chilli relish - basically two Zingers stacked together, adding extra cheese.
The lady who first took my order had no idea what I was on about as I asked for a KFC Double Down, a Zinger Stacker, and Ultimate Zinger.
TO children, the Kid Zinger makes water more interesting, but for parents, it's a great way to squeeze some extra vitamins into them, especially with the winter lurgies raging.
Fans of KFC's famous zinger taste have good reason to celebrate.
com)-- Zinger Web Design, a company long known for providing outstanding web design and development solutions has today announced clients have access to professional, high-quality design and print services for visibility and branding needs.
Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced the introduction of its new lunch treat meal, now including the Zinger sandwich, due to popular demand.
Zinger begins with "Once upon a time there was a man.
Summary: CAIRO - Zinger, or 'Zinger the Sailor', as is writ large on the back of his vehicle, takes the liberty of violating all the traffic rules, while driving his tok-tok through a crowded marketplace in Nasr City, Cairo.
Zinger said some new crime laws, such as ending two-for-one sentencing credit for time served in custody awaiting trial, could have an adverse affect on poor women who have a tough time making bail or paying for a lawyer.
Zinger delivering an excellent performance as Lizzie.