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ADRENALINE activity firm Zip World wants to expand its offer with new wires next to the world's fastest zip line.
I was getting ready to zip line through Downtown Dubai -- the XDubai stunt, 'XLine', everyone has been talking about since the Crown Prince of Dubai, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, tried it out.
When I first looked at it I thought, "This being my 80th year, I could never do that," and then I heard someone yelling with joy and accomplishment as he soared over my head on a zip line (the MAC boasts the longest, highest and fastest zip line in Colorado.
We predict around 4,000 participants to have taken part in the zip line project by the end of the year," Mohammad Al Hashemi, project manager told Gulf News.
Doc Brown's legendary zip line ride from the clock tower of the fictional town Hill Valley was staged in Belfast to mark Back To The Future Day.
Anne Thomas from Caerphilly Mountain said the experience on the longest zip line in Europe was so exhilarating she might even do it again one day.
com)-- Zip Line Gear[TM], an Oregon-based manufacturer and distributor of premium outdoor recreation equipment, today announced the premium Sleadd Handlebar[TM], priced at $69.
The team took on the adrenalin-filled Velocity ride - the longest zip line in Europe at a mile in length, where riders can exceed 100mph at heights of 500ft over a disused quarry.
Monday "Zip Into Your Week " Guests looking to experience the only 1,200-ft dual zip line that connects two states and reaches speeds of up to 40-mph across the Chattahoochee River are offered buy-one, get-one zip line tour special.
The mechanics are similar to a zip line ride, only instead of running from elevated platform to elevated platform, the zipper runs from the pier, to the water.
The Dream Jump event in Dubai allowed professional base jumpers to zip line, freefall and perform stunts against Dubai Marina's iconic backdrop with a view of Palm Jumeirah.
Today, a growing number of zip line and canopy tours across the globe propel participants through areas such as rainforests in Costa Rica, the Angkor Archaelogical Park in Cambodia, Colorado's Alkali Canyon and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.