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Opening and closing by means of a sliding plastic fastener that forms a tight seal by fitting a thin raised strip into a corresponding groove: a ziplock storage bag.

[Probably alteration of Ziploc, a trademark for a plastic storage bag (taken as a compound of zip lock).]


(of resealable plastic storage bags) fastened or sealed with interlocking plastic grooves and ridges
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Contract awarded for Cover transparent plastic waterproof ziplock closure and adjustable collar to be used for difficult access air tours for the disposal of plan underreporting.
Her husband Mark added: "His hair was put in a ziplock bag that said 'Smoking could seriously damage the health of your baby' and 'breastfeeding is best for your baby'.
Cover it with plastic wrap, on top of which you'll place three heavy bricks, each secured in Ziplock bags.
Printing product and batch information directly onto the bag instead of using a label has saved time and cost; a saving that has helped offset the cost of our new Ziplock bags.
Place liquids in ziplock bags to protect your clothing from unwanted mess.
If you are the hoppingaround traveller, you must carry ziplock plastic bags.
Whenever I went travelling, my father would have the same recipe waiting for me: two flank or skirt steaks in a big ziplock with a bottle of Italian dressing, something you buy in the grocery store, and you shake it up and throw it in there.
The next best option is to mix unused medications with used kitty litter or coffee grounds and place in a Ziplock bag in the trash.
She pulls out a warehouse of medicine strips from a ziplock bag to show.
Untill all soliders are found and placed in separate ziplock bags, / his fingers rake soil, churn the dark earth.
Saatchi, with all his cash (much of it, we now know, stored in a see-through ziplock bag on top of the fridge) could have chosen to swallow the alleged fraud and kept the lid on what went on behind closed doors.
5 kg), and then a total 90 LD samples were divided into 3 groups [C: ziplock bag ([O.