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n.1.(Chem.) A salt of zirconic acid.
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To reduce the particle agglomeration and to increase the particle dispersion and distribution within the matrix, several authors proposed the use of coupling agents, including silanes, titanium esters, phosphates, aluminates, and zirconates (12), (13).
There are 20 of the 55 commercial titanates and zirconates that are EINECS registered for use in the EU and are referred to necessarily by their type and alpha numeric code such as KR TTS or KR 12 due to their complex CAS chemical names (CN) and structures.
Ester forms of organometallics such as titanates, zirconates, aluminates, and zirco-aluminates provide possible chemistries for R&D in using high levels of PCR in consumer goods, since they are already used as esterification catalysts for PET and as single-site metallocene catalysts for polyolefins.
manufactures and sells worldwide Ken-React Titanates, Zirconates and Aluminates available as 100 percent liquids and 65 percent active powders and Ken-Stat transparent and permanent antistatic agents.
Ken-React[R] titanates, zirconates, and aluminates form 1.
Other recent presentations have included such topics as "Future Opportunities and Challenges for 'Green' and 'Nano' Materials"; "Shape Memory Polymers: New Materials and Methods"; "Fatigue of Plastics"; "Carbon Nanotubes 101"; "A Data-Driven Approach to Attaining 100% Automatic Quality Assurance"; and "Molding, Dispersing, and Flame-Retarding Pigments and Polymers Using Nano-Coupling and Catalysis of Titanates and Zirconates.
Several other titanates and zirconates with special properties will also be highlighted, such as Ken-React LICA 38 neoalkoxy pyrophosphate titanate for in-situ exfoliation of nano-particulates in the organic phase and Ken-React QB 046 neoalkoxy organometallic quaternary blends for the water phase.
Ken-React Titanates, Zirconates and Aluminates bond, catalyze and phosphatize waterborne, high solids and powder coatings to benefit: adhesion, viscosity, dispersion, anti-corrosion, flame retardance, anti-aging, acid-resistance, hydrophobicity, anti-tannin staining, gloss, reverse impact, mandrel bend and nanoparticle exfoliation.
Based on patented, combined trineoalkoxy zirconates, these agents are permanent, transparent, non-moisture-dependent, nonblooming, and surface/volume conductive.
Tilcom organic titanates and zirconates recommended for use as lubricants and processing aids in filled and unfilled systems, and as adhesion promoters for some ink systems used on plastic packaging.