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n. pl. zloty or zlo·tys
See Table at currency.

[Polish zl̷oty, golden, zloty, from zl̷oto, gold; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl złotys or złoty
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Poland, divided into 100 groszy
[from Polish: golden, from zlyoto gold; related to Russian zoloto gold]


(ˈzlɔ ti)

n., pl. -tys, (collectively) -ty.
the basic monetary unit of Poland.
[1915–20; < Polish złoty literally, of gold, golden, adj. derivative of złoto gold]
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Noun1.zloty - the basic unit of money in Polandzloty - the basic unit of money in Poland  
Polish monetary unit - monetary unit in Poland
grosz - 100 groszy equal 1 zloty in Poland


[ˈzlɔːtɪ] N (zlotys or zloty (pl)) → zloty m


n pl <zlotys or zloty> → Zloty m
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For lot 5 order - 4 300 PLN (four thousand three hundred zlotys 00/100)
The Company's gas sales for 2014 were based on a low methane tariff of 1,016 zlotys per thousand cubic meters (mcm) of low methane gas.
Instead, a number of problems haunted the 787, with LOT - one of the 13 airlines that fly the jets - estimating its own costs of problems at PLN100 million zlotys (USD$33 million) over 2012 and 2013.
Polish government tells LOT Airlines to fire its chief executive Poland called on flag carrier LOT to fire its chief executive after the airline turned to the government for at least 400 million zlotys (USD$127 million) in state aid to avoid bankruptcy.
The state-controlled company said one-offs worth some 757 million zlotys contributed to a net profit of 593 million zlotys ($188 million) in the first quarter, from a 1.
The company, which expects revenues to reach 950 million zlotys (291 million euros) this year, is giving itself three years to win a 20% share of the domestic frozen food market, which would put it in second place behind Hortex.
He said 3,000 zlotys ($960) would be enough to buy his silence.
But after placing an order with TV Direct to secure 'priority processing' of his winnings, all he got was an envelope stuffed with worthless Polish zlotys.
NET profit at AIB's majority-owned Polish Bank Zachodni WBK halved to 37m zlotys (EUR8m) in the third quarter, despite a sharp fall in loan loss charges.
TVN's fine of 300,000 zlotys (82,000 euro) topped the previous largest-ever penalty levied against a Polish TV station by a frill 100,000 zlotys.
Yves Flaissier, President of Agros Holding SA have recently signed an agreement* relating to the acquisition by Santa-Lina, a Pernod Ricard subsidiary, of 80% of the capital of Polmos Poznan for 300 million zlotys (approximately EUR 82 million).