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a. Astronomy A band of the celestial sphere extending about 8° to either side of the ecliptic that represents the path of the principal planets, the moon, and the sun.
b. In astrology, this band divided into 12 equal parts called signs, each 30° wide, bearing the name of a constellation for which it was originally named but with which it no longer coincides owing to the precession of the equinoxes.
c. A diagram or figure representing the zodiac.
2. A complete circuit; a circle.

[Middle English, from Old French zodiaque, from Latin zōdiacus, from Greek zōidiakos (kuklos), (circle) of the zodiac, from zōidion, small represented figure, zodiacal sign, diminutive of zōion, living being; see zoon.]

zo·di′a·cal (-dī′ə-kəl) adj.
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Adj.1.zodiacal - relating to or included in the zodiaczodiacal - relating to or included in the zodiac; "zodiacal constellations"


[zəʊˈdaɪəkəl] ADJzodiacal, del zodíaco
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My remembrances went to France in the train of those zodiacal stars that would shine in some hours' time.
Westward I saw the zodiacal light mingling with the yellow brilliance of the evening star.
Not only does the book help with insights about yourself it opens up a month by month window to the future for all 12 Zodiacal signs, as interpreted by the Tarot cards you hold.
American Samoa: Reniseli F Lafaele, Director, Department of Commerce (DOC); Uili Leauanae, Deputy Director, DOC; Etuale Tuileta, Chief Statistician, DOC; Mine Timoteo, Assistant Chief Statistician, DOC; Alex Zodiacal, Assistant to Administrator/Economic Development Division Manager; Ueligitone Tonumaipe'a, Treasurer, Department of Treasury; Richard Jimmerson, Manager, Tax Office, Department of Treasury; Moetulu'i Sipili Fuiava , Chief Customs Officer, Department of Treasury; Catherine Saelua, Director, Budget Office; Alex Sene, Jr.
In recent years, Doyle has been known for her intricate etchings of birds and animals combined with star systems and alchemical and zodiacal symbols," Clarke said.
They will receive predictions for their chosen zodiacal sign every day by SMS, with Horoscope service.
SEPTEMBER 2014/NASA: View the red star Antares near the red planet Mars, plus the Zodiacal Light that points towards Jupiter in the morning sky.
He also made meridian observations of zodiacal stars.
Still, while many Muslim scientists balanced the four Empedoclean elements with various Pythagorean principles, Abu MaaACAyshar did not simply incorporate the movements of planets, zodiacal signs, and decans with human and animal factors governing nature's behaviour.
APIN as if they were a single section on the grounds that they both deal with the motion of heavenly bodies through the zodiacal stars.
In "A Drama of Exile," Dielman's referencing of "ancient and medieval" allegorical iconographies to explain the poem's puzzling zodiacal figures is especially notable (pp.
Dust along the plane of the solar system scatters sunlight, creating a diffuse glow of its own known as zodiacal light.