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climatic zones
A. North Frigid Zone
B. North Temperate Zone
C. Torrid Zone
D. South Temperate Zone
E. South Frigid Zone


a. An area or a region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic.
b. A section of an area or territory established for a specific purpose, as a section of a city restricted to a particular type of building, enterprise, or activity: a residential zone.
c. An area of a given radius within which a uniform rate is charged, as for transportation or shipping.
a. Any of the five regions of the surface of the earth that are loosely divided according to prevailing climate and latitude, including the tropics, the North and South Temperate Zones, and the North and South Polar Regions.
b. A similar division on any other planet.
c. Mathematics A portion of a sphere bounded by the intersections of two parallel planes with the sphere.
3. Ecology An area characterized by distinct physical conditions and supporting a particular type of flora and fauna.
4. Anatomy A ringlike or cylindrical growth or structure.
5. Geology A region or stratum distinguished by composition or content.
6. Sports A zone defense.
7. Archaic A belt or girdle.
tr.v. zoned, zon·ing, zones
1. To divide or designate into zones.
2. To surround or encircle.
Phrasal Verbs:
zone in
To focus or concentrate on something.
zone out Informal
To lose concentration or become inattentive.
in the zone
Informal In a state of focused attention or energy so that one's performance is enhanced: a goalie who was in the zone throughout the playoffs.

[Middle English, one of the encircling regions of the earth, from Latin zōna, girdle, celestial zone, from Greek zōnē.]

zon′al (zō′nəl) adj.


(ˈzəʊnəl) or less commonly


of, relating to, or of the nature of a zone
ˈzonally adv


(ˈzoʊn l)

also zon′ar•y,

1. of or pertaining to a zone or zones.
2. of the nature of a zone.
zon′al•ly, adv.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj.1.zonal - relating to or of the nature of a zonezonal - relating to or of the nature of a zone; "the zonal frontier"
2.zonal - associated with or divided into zoneszonal - associated with or divided into zones; "a zonal pattern of cell structure"; "zonal division"
azonal - not divided into zones; "azonal heating"


[ˈzəʊnl] ADJzonal


adjZonen-, zonal; zonal boundaryZonengrenze f


[ˈzəʊnl] adjzonale
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