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 (zō′nāt′) also zo·nat·ed (-nā′tĭd)
Biology Having zones of a different color or texture, as rings or bands.


(ˈzəʊneɪt) or


marked with, divided into, or arranged in zones
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Tomato zonate spot virus (TZSV) is a new member of the genus Tospovirus and family Bunyaviridae, it was first reported in Yunnan province in China (Dong et al.
The symptoms of the disease on the leaves were appearing by brown, small, scattered spots on the leaves that gradually become round or irregular, brown to black lesions, concentrically zonate with a dark brown margin.
Fruiting bodies: Sessile to effused-reflexed overlapping brackets, gray to grayish-brown to light brown, 1-5 cm across; upper surface villose to tomentose with stiff hairs, zonate, hairless between the zones; some green areas due to a coating of algae.
Zonate apical configuration has been reported occasionally in all three types of apical meristems.
Specimens were further confirmed by the presence of zonate tetraspores embedded in surface patches within the thalli.
Descriptions of the histological patterns seen in sections of the pteridophyte shoot apex allowed closer comparisons with the zonate meristems of gymnosperms and angiosperms.