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1. Arrangement or formation in zones; zonate structure.
2. Ecology The distribution of organisms in biogeographic zones.


arrangement in zones; zonate formation


(zoʊˈneɪ ʃən)

1. the state or condition of being zonate.
2. arrangement or distribution in zones.
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The list of facies belts below is based on a model of facies zonation of the Palaeobaltic Basin compiled by Nestor & Einasto (1977) and later modified terminologically by different authors (Bassett et al.
There may need to be zonation of the coast and one of the ways we could do this is to exclude dogs from some areas.
These holes demonstrate that the Lower Zone massive sulphide body remains thick down dip and down plunge and retains its classic high copper footwall zonation.
A landslide hazard zonation map has also been proposed based on the historical landslide data like geological, geomorphology, population, climatic and rainfall data.
Executive director Tanya Williams said that, in 2012, a year after the zonation process began, the coalition wrote a technical report issuing a series of recommendations that was presented to the Belizean government.
These processes will affect corals through several mechanisms and some of them can be lethal and/or sublethal, such as: asphyxia, reduction in growth rates of the coral skeleton, abrasion, recruitment inhibition, and reduction on live coral cover, changes on coral zonation, a greater abundance of branching corals or the dominance of colonies with small sizes [67].
A roving interpreter needs to be not only technically competent and knowledgeable about a particular event, building, stand of trees, ecosystem, tidal zone, microclimate, flora/fauna, hydrology, geomorphology, climate events and influences, seasonal zonation and patterns, migration effects, soil chemistry, but (s)he needs to know all of these things simultaneously, understand the background of how it all developed, be able to transition from a specific fact to how it affected politics/urban development/law and regulation/the visitor's plans for a picnic in what turns out to be a closed area, not to mention know where the closest restroom is at all times and when does the shuttle bus arrive.
Drilling completed to date indicates vertical zonation of sulfide minerals in the deposit and suggests that higher grade bornite could become more abundant than chalcopyrite down plunge.
The center also prepares seismic zonation maps and prepares risk or hazard maps for the Kingdom.
Three holes drilled 100m apart on the eastern flank of the annular F1 anomaly (Figure 2), have defined a clear zonation pattern.
Interspecific dominance via vocal interactions mediates altitudinal zonation in Neotropical singing mice.
The objectives of the program are (1) to determine the orientation, thickness and zonation of the Pakeagama Lake pegmatite, and (2) to refine the mineralogical characterization of these zones by better establishing their lithium, tantalum, cesium and rubidium potential.