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Noun1.zoning commission - a commission delegated to supervise the zoning of areas for residential or commercial use
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
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Village officials say the nearly 1,500-page application can't go to the planning and zoning commission because it's incomplete.
In his proposal to the Washington County Zoning Commission, Hertzberg said there would be indoor and outdoor play areas for the dogs as well as consideration taken for "chronic barkers.
In a single sentence, the developer of a proposed CVS Pharmacy has withdrawn an appeal of the Boise Planning & Zoning Commission denial of a drive-thru window at a CVS planned for State and 17th streets.
The top individual agent in Douglas Elliman's Greenwich, Conn, region in 2016, Jennifer Leahy has been elected to a four-year team as a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission in Darien, CT.
Tenders are invited for professional planning consultants/firms to assist the planning and zoning commission in the review and update of the city~s 2008 plan of conservation and development.
extractive industry ordinance will move forward to the county commission with a favorable recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission, according to the Black Hills Pioneer
Even with the state permit, Casagrande said Putnam will need to file an application with the city's Zoning Commission to construct the transfer station on the property, since it's not currently a permitted use.
Following a request from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, the zoning plan for the land in Turkey's capital of Ankara was changed to increase the maximum area of development tenfold, from 30,000 to 300,000 square meters, in what a member of the city's zoning commission said will result in widespread clearcutting.
A revised site plan released by the Plano planning and zoning commission indicate that the headquarters complex in West Plano has increased to more than 2.
Joining DeCilio in this effort for a project dubbed the Stratford Cultural Arts Center are Jim Connor, 8th District town councilman and the Republican majority leader, and Dave Fuller, Zoning Commission chairman.
The military later cited the importance of USNO data for missile navigation during a dispute with a city zoning commission, inciting more outcry.
near its 40 public transportation stops could be waived, according to the city's Zoning Commission, which is undergoing its first comprehensive overhaul in a half-century.