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a.1.Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.
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28) Myopia may result from degeneration of zonular fibres, resulting in a release of zonular tension, which allows spherical deformation of the lens (spherophakia).
Rothmund-Thomson sendromunda ise poikiloderma (telenjektazi, skarlasma, irreguler pigmentasyon ve depigmentasyon, atrofi), hiperkeratotik lezyonlar, bul olusumu, fotosensitivite, juvenil zonular katarakt ve nadiren rastlanan korneal distrofi gibi bulgular gozlemlenmektedir.
Examination of the eyes revealed microcornea and congenital zonular cataract of the left eye.
They are classified as noncystic, cystic, or zonular traction.
This movement can lead to complications such as capsule tears, zonular dialysis, and dislocation of the lens into the back of the eye, requiring the patient to have an additional surgery by a retina specialist.
This is due to iris proximity and consequential mechanical action against the zonular fibres in these individuals.
He observed that for focusing on near objects, the contraction of the ciliary muscle allows a relaxation of the zonular fibres and consequently, a bulging of the crystalline lens.