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A small zone, as of a ligament.


a small zone, band, or area
[C19: from New Latin zōnula a little zone]
zonular adj


(ˈzoʊn yul)

a little zone, belt, band, or the like.
[1825–35; < New Latin zōnula. See zone, -ule]
zon′u•lar (-yə lər) adj.
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Noun1.zonule - small beltlike zone
zona, zone - (anatomy) any encircling or beltlike structure
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According to the pamphlet, "The abnormal protein seen in this condition settles and weakens the lens zonules, which are suspensory fibers that hold the lens in place.
The ciliary body has three functions: accommodation, aqueous humor production and maintenance of the lens zonules.
They are located within the anterior sclera and provide both protection for the globe and an attachment site for the lens zonules, which function to change the shape of the lens during focusing.
The more widely accepted theory of accommodation (von Helmholtz, 1855) assumes that the zonules supporting the crystalline lens are under maximal tension when the lens is at minimum optical power.
This $150,000 Phase I grant enables Z Lens to measure the forces of accommodation in the eye using a proprietary technique to capture the movement the ciliary body exerts on the zonules.
Without adequate B6 at the right lime, remodeling the pigmentary layer of the iris is accomplished with surrogate proteins, which are vulnerable to flaking off with athletic bouncing and with unfortunate engagement with the zonules.
Ectopia lentis, a common manifestation of homocystinuria and Marfan syndrome, can be due to subluxation (lens zonules are still in place) or dislocation (no zonules in place).
With pigment dispersion glaucoma, the lens zonules rub against the posterior surface of the iris and release pigment that may clog the trabecular meshwork and increase intraocular pressure.