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One who takes care of animals in a zoo.


1. (Professions) a person who cares for animals in a zoo
2. (Zoology) a person who cares for animals in a zoo


(ˈzuˌki pər)

a person who feeds and tends animals in a zoo.


[ˈzuːkiːpəʳ] Nguarda mf de jardín zoológico, guarda mf de parque zoológico
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Emily traveled with a crew of doctors and zookeepers 10,000 miles over 42 hours to deliver Harapan to the sanctuary, where they hope he will successfully breed with a female named Rosa.
From cute baby dinos to teeth gnashing predators, the zookeepers have got their work cut out containing all the fierce creatures in their crates.
Born in last September in the same natural park like her daughter "yzmir", the first baby elephant born in a natural park of Turkey, Deniz took his first bath in an inflatable pool under the supervision of her zookeepers.
The prickly rodent - named Kevin by zookeepers - looked shocked as he clutched on to the side and glanced around.
Zookeepers in the West are well qualified and they go on to become the directors of the zoo itself," says Satyanarayan.
At Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio, Kristy and other zookeepers try to breed the tortoises, but it isn't easy.
WASHINGTON -- The giant panda cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo appears to be in excellent health, zookeepers reported after a 10-minute physical exam Sunday morning.
Zookeepers look after animals in zoos and safari parks.
The six additional feeders--three blue, one red, one pink, and one white (some of the female zookeepers requested some diversity of color, according to Bechel)--will be mounted inside and outside the elephant barn.
html) Nelson, a deformed Kea parrot , was rejected by his parents and had to be cared for by zookeepers.
ZOOKEEPERS across the country started the mammoth task of counting each and every animal in their collection for a new year census yesterday.
Summary: Zookeepers in Denver have to step in to save a baby Malayan Tapir.