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One who takes care of animals in a zoo.


1. (Professions) a person who cares for animals in a zoo
2. (Zoology) a person who cares for animals in a zoo


(ˈzuˌki pər)

a person who feeds and tends animals in a zoo.


[ˈzuːkiːpəʳ] Nguarda mf de jardín zoológico, guarda mf de parque zoológico
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The zookeepers aimed to take precautionary measures to adequately protect the birds from the increasingly cold weather.
Grape-kun gained internet fame earlier in the year when zookeepers found him obsessing over a cardboard cutout of an anime girl.
During the event, the gardens' zookeepers will share with visitors their experience of daily primate and bird care and animal conservation.
The annual weigh-in allows zookeepers to record the animals' weight and height and send the data to a global information system, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) said.
They recently worked with zookeepers from the North Carolina Zoo to improve an existing enrichment item and add a new one to the giraffe enclosure behind the scenes at the zoo in Asheboro.
Kumbuka was immediately contained in the non-public area by quick-thinking zookeepers responding to the alarm, where he was tranquillised and moved back into his den.
Zookeepers helped the animals paint using their paws, hooves, and mouths.
From cute baby dinos to teeth gnashing predators, the zookeepers have got their work cut out containing all the fierce creatures in their crates.
Born in last September in the same natural park like her daughter "yzmir", the first baby elephant born in a natural park of Turkey, Deniz took his first bath in an inflatable pool under the supervision of her zookeepers.
The two-story villa in which zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski lived during the Nazi occupation of Warsawand from which they oversaw the hiding of an estimated 300 Jews throughout the extensive groundsis now the home of an exhibit commemorating their wartime heroics.
Zookeepers in the West are well qualified and they go on to become the directors of the zoo itself," says Satyanarayan.
Some students even got to be assistants and help zookeepers with special projects.