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1. Attribution of animal characteristics or qualities to a god.
2. Use of animal forms in symbolism, literature, or graphic representation.

zo′o·mor′phic adj.


(ˌzoʊ əˈmɔr fɪk)

1. of or pertaining to a deity or other being conceived of as having the form of an animal.
2. characterized by a highly stylized or conventionalized representation of animal forms.
3. representing or using animal forms.


[ˌzəʊəʊˈmɒːfɪk] ADJzoomórfico


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Most have geometric or zoomorphic design, whereas this one is decorated with a dense and complex foliate pattern.
24) Unlike these zoomorphic finials, however, the carved dragons at Chulan were exaggerated to look as if they were real beasts rather than ornamentations: the dragons appear disproportionally large; their necks are harnessed by reins grasped in the driver's hands; the beasts forcefully raise their heads, as if untamed, and roar (see Figs.
Richardson looks at zoomorphic motifs (the incorporation of animal shapes as embellishment) as well as other details.
A large number of the clay objects represented parts of clay figurines, both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic, and in rare cases, geometric 'tokens' (Figure 4).
The porch is lined with red glazed bricks and has a ceiling patterned with flower motifs like Moghul inlaid marble work, while the stair balustrades are curvaceous, almost zoomorphic forms in bright yellow majolica (Fig.
There are thousands of transurban gurgles, metaphors of zoomorphic sexualities that are emerging and still yet to appear.
Douglas Preston, of National Geographic, added: "The artifacts included stone ceremonial seats and finely carved vessels decorated with snakes, zoomorphic figures, and vultures.
The Northern Eurasian trickster stories are mostly animal tales with zoomorphic protagonists while the Mediterranean--Central Asian--South Asian trickster stories usually have anthropomorphic protagonists.
Helen Hay's zoomorphic initial letter "T" introducing Macdonald and Thomson's "Proem" to the Spring issue collaborates with the text in asserting ancient tradition as a ground for future building (figure 1).
Now working in Denmark, the 25-year-old recalls her days in Delhi, as she says: "Starting from the hyper-realism of Hendrik, passing through the big stencils of M-city, the pop universe of Spanish artist Okuda, the organic shapes by Andy Yen and the zoomorphic universe of creatures by Mattia Lullini -- there was art in all its forms at the Delhi street art festival.
Some of them are traditional ones, but most of them are contemporary ones, such as, many of his own creation such as Zoomorphic (art that is fashioned in animal form), Beladi, Figural and Massoudy.
Straksiene (2010) ana lysed idiom translation strategies from English into Russian, Selmistraitis and Rinkauskaite (2011) considered zoomorphic idioms expressing unhappiness in English and Lithuanian, Baranovskaja and Skorupa (2013), Skorupa and Baranovskaja (2012) studied the translation problems of media idioms into Lithuanian and suggested their solutions.