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1. Feeding, living, or growing primarily on nonhuman animals: zoophilic fungi.
2. Of, relating to, or affected with zoophilia.
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guianense has wide geographical distribution and some populations are zoophilic whereas others are anthropophilic, it is suspected that the species is a complex of 2 or more sibling species (i.
Anopheles annularis is primarily considered as a zoophilic mosquito, however, its host preference and incrimination data in many parts of India are still scanty and only a few systematic studies have been carried out previously (2,9).
arabiensis is zoophilic, readily feeding on cattle or humans and is both endo- and exophagic.
Thelazia callipaeda (Spirurida, Thelaziidae) is a parasitic helminth transmitted by zoophilic insects of the order Diptera, family Drosophilidae, genus Phortica while feeding on ocular secretions of their hosts during summer (1,2).
Yet the same ellipses that would announce a suppressed zoophilic plot could also conceal an Oedipal plot repressed from consciousness, according to Beizer (52).
Later, increasing invasion of forest areas for farming and logging eventually increased the human vector contact as the zoophilic mosquitoes capable of transmitting P knowlesi reside in the upper canopy of forests.
They added malaria in Pakistan can be attributed to a number of factors including the influence of weather changing, environmental changes, and vector species composition, vector population dynamics, behaviour of vector species that are zoophilic, and the degree of immunity among the local population.
5) Likewise, though, I also cannot envision a working vivisection laboratory itself as a sensible example of an ethical space inhabited by a liberatory zoophilia, even though it might be acknowledged that it (as with any place) could possibly serve as a future home for ethical zoophilic returns.
Zoophilic dermatophytes spend their life on animal keratin and don't live on hair-baits in the soil (Simpanya 2000), such as Trichophyton equinum, which has a narrow range of receptive hosts mostly infecting equids.
She also discovered that she was sexually aroused by watching X-rated, zoophilic videos (depictions of animals having sex with women), and by making videos in which she disrobed and masturbated.
Both the species are attracted to shady places but the former is highly anthropophilic preferring urbanized habitats while the latter is more zoophilic that lives in woody rural habitats around residences (8).