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 (zə-rĭl′ə) also zor·il or zor·ille (zôr′ĭl, zŏr′-)
A carnivorous mustelid mammal (Ictonyx striatus) of Africa, resembling a skunk in appearance and in its method of defense.

[From New Latin (Mūstēla) zorilla, former species name, from French zorille, zorilla, from American Spanish zorrillo, skunk, from diminutive of Spanish zorro, fox, from Old Spanish, idler, vagabond, fox.]


(zəˈrɪlə) or


(Animals) a skunk-like African musteline mammal, Ictonyx striatus, having a long black-and-white coat
[C18: from French, from Spanish zorrillo a little fox, from zorro fox]
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This fellow won two of his three starts as a juvenile, including the informative Royal Lodge Stakes at Newmarket, and could well become a serious Guineas candidate after hopefully landing this trial JOE CRILLY William Hill AFTER Oskar Zorilla turned the airwaves blue last year during the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, William Hill are offering 4/1 that the commentators apologise for profanity during the 160th running of the race this weekend.
It is worth mentioning that the Ambassador, Zorilla , currently serves as the director general of the Department of Middle East and North Africa at the Finnish Foreign Ministry .
Panama's Ervin Zorilla at least attempted a run into the area after the hour but was so surprised at having made it as far as the corner of the six-yard box that he simply ran out of steam when it mattered most.
The smell clings to the polecat's fur as well, meaning that anything that tries to take a bite out of a zorilla will not be getting a pleasant meal.
OXFORD Blue took on a whole new meaning during this year's Boat Race when the BBC put a microphone on cox Oskar Zorilla and around six million viewers heard him repeatedly use the F-word to motivate his team.
Oskar Zorilla, the student who coxed Oxford to victory in the Boat Race, shouted a variety of the F-word seven times - four of which were clearly audible on BBC1.
Together with names that have a traditional Russian Mennonite ring, such as Abe Dueck and Harold Ens, we find Hugo Zorilla, Junichi Fujino, Maurice Matsitsa, and others from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Jose Zorilla was commissioned to translate the poem but in a bizarre
Nadir Mahmud, currently head of foreign and local markets sales and trading at Citi, will replace Zorilla as head of markets.