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 (zo͞o-äv′, zwäv)
1. A member of a French infantry unit, originally composed of Algerian recruits, characterized by colorful uniforms and precision drilling.
2. A member of a group patterned after the French Zouaves, especially a member of such a unit of the Union Army in the US Civil War.

[French, from Berber Zwāwa, the Kabyle tribe from which the unit's members were originally recruited.]


(zuːˈɑːv; zwɑːv)
1. (Military) (formerly) a member of a body of French infantry composed of Algerian recruits noted for their dash, hardiness, and colourful uniforms
2. (Military) a member of any body of soldiers wearing a similar uniform or otherwise modelled on the French Zouaves, esp a volunteer in such a unit of the Union Army in the American Civil War
[C19: from French, from Zwāwa, tribal name in Algeria]


(zuˈɑv, zwɑv)

1. a member of a former body of infantry in the French army, composed orig. of Algerians, distinguished for their showy drill and picturesque uniforms.
2. a member of any military body adopting a similar dress and drill, esp. a member of any of certain volunteer regiments in the American Civil War.
[1820–30; < French < Arabic zawāwah]
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Notable works include The Potato Eaters, The Zouave, Sunflowers, Almond Blossoms, Wheatfield with Crows - thought to be his last painting - any number of self-portraits, and the one that stopped me in my tracks, the simple but dazzlingly vibrant Wheatfield under Thunderclouds.
I fitted elastic round the ankles Now I looked like an exotic Zouave infantryman from Algiers.
The parade included marching bands and an escort for Rex provided by the colorful Albany Zouave Cadets.
Bazille joined a French Zouave regiment early in the war and took command of an assault on a German position after his officer was wounded.
La Semaine religieuse de Montreal en fit grand cas et publia les discours de Bruchesi, de Decarie, le secretaire provincial, du maire Guerin, du Dr Lachapelle, zouave, et enfin, comment pouvait-on y echapper, d'Henri Bourassa.
Coulombe does the reader a service and honours the Zouaves by not minimizing the extent of the violence, as in the example of one Zouave who "killed sixteen Garibaldians with the butt end of his rifle before succumbing to mortal wounds and falling upon the bodies of his enemies.
At 18 Guy Chabot volunteered for the 3d Zouave Battalion and was sent to Constantine.
Recoil from the standard loaded 58-caliber Armi-Sport Zouave amounts to a gentle shove.
He had some fair bumper form in his early days and showed battling qualities to defy the challenge of Zouave by the narrowest of margins.
In making the announcement, Lighthizer also recognized the immense contribution of the late historian and author Brian Pohanka (a member of the Duryee's Zouave reenactment unit), whose work and vision, he said, "is carried forward by the many living historians invited to join in the Council's important mission.
New Mischief, a winner for John Kington on his first ride for Noel Chance, was another to appreciate the quicker ground when just holding outsider Zouave in the opening conditional riders' handicap hurdle.