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 (zo͞o-kĕt′ō, tso͞ok-kĕt′tō)
n. pl. zuc·chet·tos or zuc·chet·ti (-tē)
A skullcap worn by certain Roman Catholic clerics, varying in color according to rank.

[Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca, gourd, head; see zucchini.]


(tsuːˈkɛtəʊ; suː-; zuː-)
n, pl -tos
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a small round skullcap worn by certain ecclesiastics and varying in colour according to the rank of the wearer, the Pope wearing white, cardinals red, bishops violet, and others black
[C19: from Italian, from zucca a gourd, head, from Late Latin cucutia gourd, probably from Latin cucurbita]


(zuˈkɛt oʊ, tsu-)

n., pl. -tos, -ti (-ti)
a small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.
[1850–55; < Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca gourd, head, perhaps < pre-Latin *tjukka gourd]
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His zucchetto skullcap flying off in the Caribbean breeze at the start of a nine-day tour of Cuba and the United States, the Argentine pope used his arrival speech at Havana airport to praise this year's normalization of diplomatic relations.
Today the pope's daily dress includes the white cassock and zucchetto (skull cap), as well as a white pellegrino or mozzetta (the short shoulder cape that is also part of the Dominican habit) and a white sash embroidered with his pontifical coat of arms.
There have been some powerful images that point to the possibility of a more inclusive future, including the photo of him placing his zucchetto on the head of a little girl who wanted to be pope one day.
Pope Francis is depicted wearing his white zucchetto, embraced from behind by another version of his self wearing the miter.
After Caggiano finished his speech, the boy asked if he would swap lids; the bishop obliged and exchanged his zucchetto for the boy's giant chili pepper.
This week readers of America's Rolling Stone weren't greeted with Bowie's usual king of cool crown on the front cover, instead they found it replaced by the pontiff's zucchetto.
They brought with them a white zucchetto -- or skullcap -- they had purchased the day before for the equivalent of about $68.
Then there are red mozzetta hoods at 200 euros a pop; three-pointed hats at 100 euros, zucchetto skull caps and special red socks, as well as a fascia or sash at 120 euros.
Semiotic behavior would be verbal behavior plus nonverbal behavior and would include products of human behavior or things human beings make: everything from an abacus to a zucchetto.
After pledging the oath, each new cardinal walked up to the pontiff who was seated on a gilded throne on the altar to receive his red zucchetto, or skullcap, and biretta, a three-ridged hat worn over it.
In addition to the bishop's mitre, a cardinal gets "the red hat," a scarlet zucchetto.