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 (zwĭt′ər-ī′ən, swĭt′-, tsvĭt′-)
A molecule, especially an amino acid, containing a positively charged ion at one end and a negatively charged ion at the other.

[German : Zwitter, hybrid (from Middle High German zwitarn, from Old High German, from zwi-, twice; see dwo- in Indo-European roots) + Ion, ion (from Greek; see ion).]

zwit′ter·i·on′ic (-ī-ŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) chem an ion that carries both a positive and a negative charge
[C20: from German Zwitter hermaphrodite + ion]
zwitterionic adj


(ˈzwɪt ərˌaɪ ən, ˈswɪt-, ˈtsvɪt-)

an ion with both a positive and a negative charge.
[< German Zwitterion (1897) =Zwitter hybrid, hermaphrodite + Ion ion]
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The results of previous works reveal that the zwitterion mechanism developed by Caplow [21] and Danckwerts [22] is acceptable for this reaction [11]:
For clays modified with zwitterion, nonionic and anionic surfactants (TMG, HEC, TRITON X-100, LABSA and SLES), it was seen that the liquid limit and plasticity index increased when surfactant percentage was increased.
The molecule tends to exist as a zwitterion where a phosphonic hydrogen dissociates and joins the amine group.
The newly developed liquid crystals contain a zwitterion made up of a negatively charged inorganic portion and a positively charged organic portion.
In vitro evaluation of zwitterion buffers in diluents for freezing ram spermatozoa.
Ion-pairing with acidic dyes under the described conditions is less likely because the carboxy metabolite is a zwitterion.
The nonstereospecificity and methanol adducts observed during the reaction of MTAD with the Z,Z isomer suggest the involvement of an open zwitterion.
The Zwitterion is stabilized via resonance through both the MA component and the ITX component.
This structure decomposes to Zwitterion (1) and a carbonyl compound (2), which can recombine to a normal ozonide (3).