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 (zī′gə-môr′fĭk, zĭg′ə-) also zy·go·mor·phous (-fəs)
adj. Botany
Having bilateral symmetry, as the flowers of a pea plant.

zy′go·mor′phy n.


(ˌzaɪɡəʊˈmɔːfɪk; ˌzɪɡ-) or


(Botany) (of a flower) capable of being cut in only one plane so that the two halves are mirror images. See also actinomorphic
ˌzygoˈmorphism, ˈzygoˌmorphy n
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Adj.1.zygomorphic - capable of division into symmetrical halves by only one longitudinal plane passing through the axis
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
actinomorphic, actinomorphous - capable of division into symmetrical halves by any longitudinal plane passing through the axis
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The inflorescences are racemose, slender, elongated and almost globose, 7-15 cm long, sustained by a modified leaf often reduced to a terminal spathe with 70-220 zygomorphic, perfect, hypogenous flowers (Glover & Barrett 1983).
Leaf simple opposite, decussate, cauline, exstipulate, petiole short, flattened, glabrous, pulvinous to sheathing base Flower bisexual, typically zygomorphic, complete, erect, sessile, hypogynous.
Flies, for instance, won't often visit zygomorphic flowers.
8 m tall, the rosettes zygomorphic in mature plants, 30--90 cm long.
Three of the samples--Paulownia (Bignoniaceae or Paulowniaceae), Hebe (Scrophulariaceae or Plantaginaceae), and Eremophila (Myoporaceae or Scrophulariaceae)--are from the Lamiales, and their floral formulae (Table 1) show some diagnostic features of this order, such as two-lipped zygomorphic flowers with two or four stamens (Judd et al.
Secretary General, other world G-8 leaders, the World Trade Organization and you, too, "Our SCUZZLE division -- that means Searching Cyberspace for Zoological Zygomorphic Living Entities -- has discovered a parallel dimension ruled by a tyrannical alien who is bent on conquering Earth through the Internet
Searching Cyberspace for Ultimate Zoological Zygomorphic Living Entities) headquarters and online membership registration capabilities.
The flower is zygomorphic and apetalous, with a single whorl of nine stamens, a partly inferior syncarpous ovary that is unilaterally adnate to the perianth and seven-loculed with the septa fused at the base of the ovary.
Puya mima has large, zygomorphic flowers on the end of a long pedicel, similar to P.
Floral anatomy and systematics of Alliaceae with particular reference to Gilliesia, a presumed insect mimic with strongly zygomorphic flowers.
58 x 10 mm, yellowish-white, unappendaged, glabrous, at anthesis the apex slightly recurved, convergent over the stamens and forming a strongly curved zygomorphic corolla; stamens slightly exceeding the petals; anthers linear, ca.