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(Biochemistry) biochem any of a group of compounds that are inactive precursors of enzymes and are activated by a kinase


(ˈzaɪ mə dʒən, -ˌdʒɛn)

any of various enzyme precursor molecules that may change into an enzyme as a result of catalytic change. Also called proenzyme.
[< German (1875); see zymo-, -gen]
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Noun1.zymogen - any of a group of compounds that are inactive precursors of enzymes and require some change (such as the hydrolysis of a fragment that masks an active enzyme) to become active
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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Localization of pancreatic enzyme secretion-stimulating activity and trypsin inhibitory activity in zymogen granule of the rat pancreas.
Prothrombin or the factor II, a 72 kDa zymogen precursor of thrombin, consists of 579 amino acids and has a plasma concentration of 2 umol/l.
2]", is synthesized as an inactive zymogen in the pancreas, and its N-terminal propep-tide is cleaved by trypsin to yield an active enzyme in the duodenum.
The main metabolic pathway in the pancreas is the non-oxidative, which involves an esterification reaction of fatty acids with ethanol, resulting in the formation of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs), which increase the oxidative stress and the fragility of lysosomal membranes and zymogen granules, which contain lysosomal and digestive enzymes, respectively, facilitating early intracellular enzyme activation.
MASC can also be distinguished from ACC by the lack of zymogen granules and by its unique immunoprofile such as strong S100, vimentin, and mammaglobin positivity.
Proteolytic cleavage of the pro-peptide results in the exposure of active site, leading to transition of zymogen into active form.
The UPR is critical for efficient functioning of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in the pancreatic acinar cell, because the ER provides for the synthesis of cellular components necessary for transporting digestive enzymes manufactured in ER to zymogen granules for storage and for secretion.
Pro-MMP-2 is a zymogen (also called gelatinase A) and its activation involves forming a complex on the cell surface with MT1-MMP, and TIMP-2, in which a neighboring MT1-MMP cleaves proMMP-2 at the pro-domain.
Trypsin synthesis and storage as zymogen in the digestive gland of the shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei.
In the control group, rich rough endoplasmic reticulum with abundant ribosomes was observed near the basal region, and a large quantity of zymogen granules (ZGs) was observed on the top of cytoplasm.
This zymogen is then converted to active chymosin by cleavage of a 42-amino acid pro-peptide at the N[H.
Role of zymogen and activated factor X as scaffolds for the inhibition of the blood coagulation factor VIIa-tissue factor complex by recombinant nematode anticoagulant protein c2.