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An electrophoretic technique used to detect the identity and activity of a protease in a sample or tissue, in which the protease is allowed to react with a protein substrate, as in a gel, and the products of the reaction are identified with stains or by other means.

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Purified trypsin showed a single band on both SDS and zymography (Figure 2a, b) suggesting their high purity and showing only one dominant isoform of trypsin in Dosidicus gigas hepatopancreas.
3 shows the activity of laccase on SDS-PAGE and the laccase enzyme was successfully oxidizing ABTS substrate to produce two dark green bands for enzyme zymography.
Zymography is a valuable tool for the visualization of proteolytic activity on an electrophoretic gel matrix, by using a given protein substrate [25].
To detect metalloproteinase activity, gelatin zymography was performed by the method described by Unemori and Werb [19].
Fine-structural distribution of MMP-2 and MMP-9 activities in the rat skeletal muscle upon training: a study by high- resolution in situ zymography.
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The enzymatic activity of MMPs was assessed by zymography and was enhanced in higher-grade OSCC and along the advancing tumor front.
For MMPs activity assay, fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based MMPs activity assay and gelatin zymography assay were involved in this study.
As TIMP2 is required for the efficient activation of proMMP2 by MT1-MMP, immunohistochemistry [79] and in situ zymography [79] demonstrated their co-localization in epithelial carcinomatous and adjacent stromal cells.