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Noun1.1960s - the decade from 1960 to 19691960s - the decade from 1960 to 1969  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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A lot of fashion items in vogue today are only a modification of some styles that people rocked in the '60s. From the wide brimmed hats to the skinny trousers, the style of the past seems to be finding expression in present day Nigeria yet again.
One could easily Google images of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's or the mod look made popular at the time by young British men, but '60s fashion was much more than that.
Performing in 2011 on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the band Vanilla Fudge sounded like it was ripped straight from the '60s as it played its rocked-out, psychedelic rendition of the Supremes classic "You Keep Me Hangin' On." And in a lot of ways, it was.
Wayne Fontana was one of the many talented artists to come out of TICKETS Flying Music '60s Show, Llandudno, Venue Cymru.
Now the sounds are being recreated as part of The Solid Silver '60s Show, which is touring venues in Wales.
The pictures were modelled after shots from the '60s in an eight-page layout that keeps the 'Mad Men' theme.
Meanwhile, to many in the baby boom Left, the '60s were viewed as a lost Golden Age.
But he is most famous for founding the Whole Earth Catalog, the extremely popular counterculture handbook of the late '60s and early' 70s.
Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark, began a series of books in the early '60s that are now underway again in this century.
The contemporary pop music industry was born in the 1950s and '60s when that sound acquired the global megaphone of electronic media.
One wall provided a backdrop for three embroidery reproductions of famous fashion photos from the '60s and '70s; on the opposite wall four scarves by designers from the '50s and '60s served as supports for more embroidery work.
Phillips did not start commercial production of PP until the early '60s. The first commercial producer in the U.S.