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 (ä′lə-wīt′) also A·la·wi (ä′lä-wē′)
n. pl. A·la·wites also A·la·wis or Alawi
A member of a branch of Shiism practiced especially in northwest Syria and adjacent parts of Turkey and Lebanon.

[Arabic 'alawī, follower of Ali, Alawite (from 'Alī, Ali ibn Abi Talib + -awī, variant of , adj. suff.) + -ite.]
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(66) Other religious texts owned by women--suggesting that the depiction of them reading only romances is not quite the truth--are the didactic compendia of Nyonya Sawang, including tales directed at women, such as Hikayat Darma Ta'siah and Hikayat Fatimah bersuami; a similar compendium of religious works belonging to Nyonya Halimah; and Tarikah 'Alawiyyah belonging to Nyonya Tasnim.
He then journeyed to Zubayd in Yemen where he was initiated into the Ba 'Alawiyyah tariqah by Shaykh Sayyid Ali Zubaydi al-Yamani.
236, quotes on this point the unpublished memoirs of Egyptian delegation members 'Abd al-Rahman Fahmi and Muhammad 'Alawiyyah.