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Contraction of will: We'll arrive later.
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1. a contraction of shall or will: I'll answer the phone. She'll pay the check. What'll we do?
2. contraction of till1 (used when the preceding word ends in t): Wait'll the children see this!


or L.L.,

Late Latin.


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But I''ll carry on dreaming for a while, Until I can see your beautiful smile, A smile so loving it always lifted my heart, And will stay with me forever, while we''re apart.
When I see you once again, I know just what I''ll do, I''ll gently grab you by the hand, to make my dream come true.
She said: "We''ve got a fortnight starting on Monday where we''ll have locals and students helping with investigation.
Some 'll be Some 'll be leaving school, leaving school, some moving up a some moving up a year, others year, others moving from one moving from one school to another.
That''s why you''ll wedge your options open with a doorstop till the last possible moment, hoping that somehow you''ll be able to negotiate after-work drinks, a meal with your girlfriend, watching the match in the pub and going to London for an ex-colleague''s stag-do in the same evening.
This system can be installed in less than 30 minutes by an engineer and then you''ll have access to set timers for your daily heating needs, adjusting the levels in case you''re home early or late/ the weather is hotter or colder than the forecasters promised.
"If you can work with him until Christmas, I''ll make you headmaster in January," Mrs Bevans promises Donald.
y g a Bo nee cou g ni to the movie We ll see f he l be shaken and stirrdeded We'll i 'll it th i W 'f h 'll be h ken d d he'll he'll stirrededededededed the night.".
If you dare to go for chop, you''ll need a whole new set of products, to make most of your new, edgy Washing your hair a volumising shampoo will make it look and it''ll be easier to style.
Swansea is a club I will forever be associated with and I''ll always love it," said Tate.
You''ll hear the sound of traffic on the A5 getting louder.
loca he' hea council se 'll ad ea wM d nd an 'll Surely we can make that nearer 1,000?