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Contraction of will: We'll arrive later.


1. a contraction of shall or will: I'll answer the phone. She'll pay the check. What'll we do?
2. contraction of till1 (used when the preceding word ends in t): Wait'll the children see this!


or L.L.,

Late Latin.


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Some 'll be Some 'll be leaving school, leaving school, some moving up a some moving up a year, others year, others moving from one moving from one school to another.
y g a Bo nee cou g ni to the movie We ll see f he l be shaken and stirrdeded We'll i 'll it th i W 'f h 'll be h ken d d he'll he'll stirrededededededed the night.
loca he' hea council se 'll ad ea wM d nd an 'll Surely we can make that nearer 1,000?