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contraction of
(Grammar) it

T, t


n., pl. Ts T's, ts t's.
1. the 20th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
2. any spoken sound represented by this letter.
3. something shaped like a T.
4. a written or printed representation of the letter T or
to a T or tee, exactly; perfectly.


1. temperature.
2. tera-.
3. tesla.


1. the 20th in order or in a series.
2. surface tension.
a. threonine.
b. thymine.
4. the launching time of a rocket or missile: T minus two.


a shortened form of it, before or after a verb, as in 'twas, 'tis.


var. of -ed1 and -ed2: slept; felt; dreamt.


1. tablespoon.
2. Territory.
3. Township.
4. Tuesday.


1. Football. tackle.
2. taken from.
3. tare.
4. teaspoon; teaspoonful.
5. temperature.
6. in the time of.
[< Latin tempore]
7. tenor.
8. Gram. tense.
9. territory.
10. time.
11. tome.
12. ton.
13. town.
14. township.
15. transit.
16. transitive.
17. troy.