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A·co·ma 1

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
n. pl. Acoma or A·co·mas
1. A member of a Pueblo people, the founders and inhabitants of Acoma.
2. The Keresan language of the Acoma.

[Acoma, people of the white rock.]

A·co·ma 2

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
A pueblo of west-central New Mexico west of Albuquerque. Founded c. 1100-1250, it is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States.
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(ˈæk əˌmɔ-, -mə, ˈɑ kə-)

a Pueblo Indian village near Albuquerque, N. M.: oldest continuously inhabited location in the U.S.
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