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a. Performing, promoting, or causing a specified action: acceptant.
b. Being in a specified state or condition: flippant.
a. One that performs, promotes, or causes a specified action: deodorant.
b. One that undergoes a specified action: inhalant.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin -āns, -ant-, present participle suff. of verbs in -āre.]
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suffix forming adjectives, suffix forming nouns
causing or performing an action or existing in a certain condition; the agent that performs an action: pleasant; claimant; deodorant; protestant; servant.
[from Latin -ant-, ending of present participles of the first conjugation]
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any of numerous hymenopterous insects of the widespread family Formicidae, that live in highly organized colonies containing wingless female workers of various castes, a winged queen, and during the breeding season winged males.
have ants in one's pants, Slang. to be impatient or eager to act.
[before 1000; Old English ǣmette, c. Middle Low German āmete, ēm(e)te, Old High German āmeiza (ā- a-3 + a n. derivative of meizan to beat, cut). compare emmet, mite1]


var. of anti- before a vowel or h: antacid; anthelmintic.


a suffix joined to verbs, with the general sense “performing” or “a person or thing that performs” the action denoted by the verb; often in nouns denoting participants in a formalized activity (applicant; contestant; defendant) or denoting substances that bring about a desired result (coolant; deodorant; lubricant). See also -ent.
[< Latin -ant-, present participle s. of verbs in -āre; in many words < French -ant < Latin -ant-]


1. antenna.
2. antonym.


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